History Timeline

A Timeline of Our Company's History and Highlights

We have proudly served the construction industry for over 33 years. Our rich history demonstrates our ability and diversity as an integrated, full-service organization serving the building restoration and subsidiary service markets.


In the beginning...

It all started back in 1988 when Rick Barley created Rick's Caulking. Rick's caulking grew quickly as he and his team were servicing the lower mainland, caulking new and old properties.


Our History Timeline Continued


Growing the Business

Over time, Rick made a name for himself with a high success rate of finding and repairing leaking properties of all sorts. As Rick's scope of work grew outside of just caulking, Rick created West Coast Building Coatings in 1994.

Lawrence Fleet started with West Coast Building Restoration in 1994 at 19 years old. Over the past 27 years, Lawrence has gathered priceless knowledge of operating efficiently in the building envelope industry and has continued to lead successful projects.

West Coast Building Coatings team grew over the years as they focused on restoring building envelopes.



Expanding the Team

In 2003, Nick Barley joined the West Coast Building Coatings team as a general laborer/level 2 first aid attendant after spending the previous three summers of high school on sites learning the trade.

Nick continued on the tools, learning all aspects of the trade through mastering each industry division while working with many skilled tradespeople.

Nick’s drive progressed through project management, ultimately landing him in the Co-CEO role and motivating him to grow the company.


Name Changes, Expanding Services

In 2016, West Coast Building Coatings was changed to West Coast Building Restoration. This re-naming offered a better description of the services we provide to our customers. During this year, Nick Barley became an equal owner and Co-CEO of West Coast Building Restoration, joining Rick Barley at the helm.

Gabriel Ucrainet started on the tools with West Coast Building Coatings in 2007 and returned to school in 2013 to study business operations management. Gabriel returned to West Coast Building Restoration post-graduation in 2016 as our operation manager. Gabriel has continued his studies in project management and business over the years to continue our growth within the industry.



Remembering Gene

Gene retires from West Coast Building Restoration in 2019. Gene Tsuida was a valued employee of West Coast Building Restoration for many years. Gene started working with our team in 1999 providing vast knowledge to all our team members from his many years of experience in the construction industry.